I grew up in a large family surrounded with construction and farming. My first job was working on the farm as an operator and a gopher trapper and later started working in the farm fab shop cutting, welding, and making custom farming equipment with my brothers and friends. In 2015 my brother, my friend and I moved to St. George Utah to start our own welding business (Stark Welding). Starting this new company in a new location with almost no operating capital I begin looking high and low for a marketing company that met our budget and our needs. I couldn’t find marketing that specialized in small construction that wasn’t seriously overpriced. So I started learning wordpress, social media, Google, and more. I found I was very passionate about this kind of work and started doing it for friends as side work along with construction related trade shows. The beginning of 2018 in order to pursue my construction marketing full-time I sold my part of Stark Welding to one of the other partners. Now located in the Salt Lake area I am partners with several construction companies working with them on a personal level to grow their company.

Owning my own construction company I know how hard it is to hire a full-time marketer or even worse to hire an expensive marketing company that doesn’t understand construction. I love sitting down with my clients and figuring out an effective strategy that fits in their budget while providing the results they deserve.


Nick Howard has been with A Net Together since 2018 as the Account Manager. He’s married to the love of his life and together they have been blessed with two daughters Austyn (8/2/14-8/11/14) and Kennedy (3 years old). Their first daughter, Austyn Elaine was born prematurely at 28 weeks of gestation. Unfortunately, she was only here for a short nine days and is now in Heaven. She is their motivation to live a life that she would be proud of. Nick is currently in Dental School at Roseman University, in his first year. He chose to be a Dentist to help people.

Likewise, he works at A Net Together to help people. Before he moved to Utah he lived in Alabama, where he opened and operated a pressure washing company. He wishes that someone reached out to him and offered the services that A Net Together offers (Mainly website/search engine optimization and social media management) There were certainly missed opportunities that could have been taken advantage of. Nick sees the value in lead generation and is excited to offer it to his clients!


Being an army ‘brat’, Taylor grew up in various places around the world and finally settled in Northern Utah. He has a Bachelors Degree in Digital Media and a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing. Taylor has 10 years of experience strategizing and executing innovative marketing campaigns that drive action, leads, and sales. For the last 2 years, he has focused his efforts in the construction technology industry with much success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring every business an online presence, voice, and maximum success.